You would get the most benefit from private yoga sessions other than classes designed for every one.  Because a private yoga session will be customized for the specific needs of your body. A good yoga teacher can guide you for a variety of movements at your hip joint and focus on both stability and flexibility. They can adjust these movements according to your needs, for example if you are hyperflexible, your yoga instructor  can guide you to practice asanas which emphasize stability, support and strength other than additional flexibility.  This is not to say that yoga is an alternative to seek a medical care, but if it is practiced appropriately with the right movements, it can be a good complementary practice in prevention and management of hip labral tears.



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Yoga for Hip Labral Tears

Yoga, as Sri Swami  Satchidananda beautifully described is understanding the complete mastery over the mind, or in other words it is the science of the mind. However, today yoga reminds people some physical practices for stretching and stress reduction.  Although this is only one aspect of the real practice of yoga, it can help people for preventing hip labral tears or other injuries by warming up the body properly with preparatory asanas.